Doctoral Dissertation:

"Conversion in Retrospect"

Louisville Presbyterian Seminary


This project report details how the author attempted to re-introduce conversation about religious conversion and—more broadly—religious experience into a mainline Protestant congregation.  The project took the form of an eight session adult Bible study course.  Through follow-up evaluative conversations, the author determined that the class achieved its goal and a further goal of being spiritually significant for participants.  This report discusses why conversion is a difficult subject in Mainline churches; analyzes the difficulties in studying conversion in the Bible; gives a Reformed theology of conversion; and provides complete class lesson plans, exegetical notes, and description of the pilot class.

Conversion and the Gospel According to Mark

This paper seeks to explore a portion of the New Testament, namely Mark's Gospel, for insight on conversion.  The study will begin by clarifying precisely what "conversion" shall mean for this discussion.  In doing this, we will not be reading the text through the lens of an unacknowledged definition.  Once we have compared and contrasted our designated definition with what the biblical text declares, we will be in a position to allow the scripture to modify and enrich our understanding of conversion.

Facets of Conversion

Evangelism in the Early Church